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Washington Park appoints interim mayor to replace John Thornton

(KMOV) -- Washington Park, Illinois has a new mayor.
On Tuesday night, the village held its first board meeting since last week's murder of Mayor John Thornton.
There was a memorial service and then Trustee Cynthia Stovall-Hollingsworth was appointed as the interim mayor.
The mayor's widow was there and actually wanted to replace her husband as mayor.
Sharon Thornton promised her husband that should anything happen to him, she would continue his efforts to better their community.
She asked the village board to serve the remainder of her husband's term, but the board said no.
Under Illinois law, the only people eligible to take over as acting mayor are current trustees.
The board unanimously approved Cynthia Stovall-Hollingsworth, who grew up with Mayor Thornton, to the position.
There will be an election in one year for voters to select a permanent mayor. That's when voters will choose someone to finish the remaining two years in Thornton's term.
Sharon Thornton hopes her son John, Jr. will run to continue his father's legacy. John and Sharon Thornton were married for 38 years.
There are still no arrests in the murder of Mayor Thornton, who was shot in his chest in his car last Thursday morning.
Illinois State Police questioned two people, but no charges have been filed.
While ISP continues its investigation, the mayor's family is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to his killer.

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