Scammers selling fake insurance polices -

Scammers selling fake insurance polices

Scam artists claim the policies are now made possible by new health care reform law.

Tuesday, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary released copies of letters she sent to attorneys general and insurance commissioners around the country - asking them to investigate cases of phony insurance policy sales.

Read the letter here to attorneys general here:

Read a similar letter sent to insurance commissioners:

Kathleen Sebelius wrote there are reports of scam artists going door-to-door to sell policies that are "time limited" or  required under health insurance reform.

In reality, Sebelius writes that there will be new insurance options for people with pre-existing conditions this September. However, those options won't be sold door-to-door.

The big effort to cover most uninsured Americans gets underway in 2014 and that is when most will be required to carry health insurance.

If someone tells you that you have to buy a policy immediately, don't fall for it.


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