You never know in news... -

You never know in news...

Well this was a day of driving.  I started off with a feature in Park Hills with a charming couple who lost their yorkie at a rest stop in Texas.  The dog ended up in California, and a month later, she made it back home to Missouri.  It was a sweet story - a bit of a drive to get there - but a happy ending and really fun people.  I was just about to finish writing the story and give it to Rob to edit when I was sent on a completely different story in Alton.  A 3 year old boy fell out of his second story bedroom window onto a concrete pad some 14 feet below.

We were now the lead at 5pm, and not a moment to spare.  We rushed to the housing complex, talked to a neighbor, took some pictures and raced to the live shot location.  It was down the street because the satellite truck was too big to get into the complex safely.

I plugged in my earpiece to hear the director 's and Larry Conners' voices.  Larry got a second's notice that I was ready and he pitched to me for the report.  My day began with something good, and ended with something sad.  The boy is in critical condition and could use some prayers.

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