Metro East toddler falls from 2nd floor window -

Metro East toddler falls from 2nd floor window

(KMOV)-- A toddler has been upgraded to satisfactory condition after falling out of a 2nd floor window onto concrete below.

This happened in an Alton home in the 300 block of Mitchell.

Authorities said a mother tried to get her 3-year-old boy and 4-year-old sister to take a nap in an upstairs bedroom. She left the room briefly. Somehow the boy fell from the window, which was open and had a screen.  He fell 14-15 feet onto a concrete pad below.

Authorities said he was conscious, breathing and talking when taken to St. Anthony's Hospital, which immediately arched him to St. Louis Children's Hospital.
At this point nothing appears criminal or negligent. The Department of Child and Family Services is investigating as standard procedure.


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