Firefighter hurt... Does anyone care? -

Firefighter hurt... Does anyone care?

I reported on a fire this morning in North St. Louis County because we got word a firefighter had been hurt.

The dispatcher I dealt with was very polite but told me she had no idea how the firefighter is doing.  Just that a firefighter went to the hospital.  Not even sure if the firefighter is a man or woman or how the firefighter got injured.  She told me to call back around 8am.

I did.  I left a message for the chief and the public relations person at the North East Fire District.  No call back.  I called back a few hours later and someone there told me the injured firefighter is with the Jennings fire department.  Perhaps the folks there would know how THEIR firefighter is doing.

I called Jennings FD and talked to a captain who said he had no idea how the injured firefighter was doing and that it happened before his shift. 

I'm thinking, "So what that it happened before your shift?  Don't you care how  one of your own is doing after being hurt?  Don't you want to know if the firefighter was treated and released or if he or she is on life support?

This captain told me the chief may know but he's not around and will be in and out.

I left my number for the chief but I won't hold my breath on a call back.

Enough complaining about this troubling lack of interest in the injured firefighter.  Let's just hope that firefighter is okay.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV.  He can be reached at

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