Glass Title Pendant -

Glass Title Pendant

How to make a glass tile pendant

Step 1 – Photograph your artwork.  Ideas:  Pets, children, flowers, your own art.

Step 2 – Using Photoshop or a similar program, size your photographs to allow for trimming.  If using 7/8 inch square glass tiles, you can size your photographs to .9 inches, and trim the excess.

Step 3 – Crop your picture to 7/8 inch square.  I use an EK Success punch for this job.

Step 4 – Wash & dry your glass tiles.

Step 5 – Using a soft cloth, buff your glass tile to be sure it’s absolutely clean.   Using a toothpick, apply a thin layer of clear glue (I like Aleene’s clear gel tacky glue) to the backside of the glass, and the front of the cropped picture.  Press the picture to the backside of the glass tile, so the 2 glues come together.  Press out any air bubbles, and wipe the excess glue from the edge.     Allow your pendant to dry for several days.

Step 6 – Gently file the edges of the paper; wipe away any dust with a soft cloth.

Step 7 – Apply a thin layer of glaze to the backside of your pendant; be sure to seal the edges of the paper.  (I like Judi Kinds Diamond Glaze).  For best results allow to dry for several days.

Step 8 – In a well-ventilated area, use E-6000 glue (a one part epoxy) to attach an Aanraku bail to your pendant.  Allow to dry overnight before using.

Supply Notes:  You can purchase 7/8 inch glass tiles on and (on Etsy, search on supplies).   Aleene’s clear tacky glue and E-6000 glue can be purchased at most local craft stores.  7/8 inch EK Success hole punches, Aanraku bails and Diamond Glaze can also be found on

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