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Typo almost cost man his job

We have all heard the stories of governmental mix-ups causing nightmares for citizens.  Henry Schaper has heard them, too.  Little did he know that one day he would be the one with the nightmare. 

Somehow, somewhere in his life, a typo changed his place of birth from FL (Florida) to FI (Falkland Islands)..  That means whomever read that, would not think Schaper was an American citizen.

That's exactly what happened.  After trying to get help from Rep. Carnahan's office, numerous calls to the TSA  and also Jefferson City, Schaper turned to News 4.  Happily, I made a few phone calls and began the process of straightening it all out.  Schaper is not going to lose his commercial driver's license with its haz mat endorsement and he can continue to earn a living as a fuel tanker truck driver...the profession he's had for 30 years.


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