Kids stage version of "Scarface" causing problem for IL school -

Kids stage version of "Scarface" causing problem for IL school

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

 (KMOV)-- A video of a kids play is getting alot of attention on Youtube. The kids are acting out Al Pacino's movie "Scarface." If you've seen scarface you know it is far from kid friendly. They drop a lot of f bombs, as in fudge.

 The person who posted claimed to be a parent from a school in Bartonville, Illinois After it was posted calls started pouring into the school. Parents thought their kids were in the play without their knowledge.

But it turns out the whole thing is a hoax. These kids are child actors and a director put this together as an experiment. He admitted Wednesday that he wanted to see how the public would react ot a pint size verison of gangsters and guns.


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