Mehlville superintendent gets $40,000 raise -

Mehlville superintendent gets $40,000 raise

(KMOV) -- In the midst of hard economic times, the Mehlville School District is giving its superintendent a $40,000 raise.

A district spokesperson said that superintendent Terry Noble "earned it," and unlike other districts in the area, Mehlville's not dealing with major budget woes.

Currently, Noble earns $181,000 a year. Next school year, that number will jump to $226,000. Spokesperson Emily McFarland said the district made Noble that offer to encourage him to stay. "For the last three years, he's proven himself as an excellent leader, and just really in it for our students' education and success." said McFarland.

The state of Missouri did cut close to $200,000 in funding to Mehlville Schools, but McFarland said that the district will make that up by dipping into reserves.

The board signed Noble to a three-year contract, so he will keep the $226,000 pay check until at least 2013.


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