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Local mayor pushes legalization of medical marijuana

The mayor of Cottleville would like to see medical marijuana legalized in Missouri.  On April 6th, residents of his city will finally get their chance to weigh in on the controversial issue at the polls.

Residents will vote on two propositions about the use of medical marijuana.  The first, Prop C, asks residents if they believe Missouri should change the law to allow the use of medical marijuana, and Prop V asks if voters want the state to add the issue to the statewide ballot in November.

Mayor Don Yarber told News 4 it is not about making money; he doubts his city will even sell it. He wants marijuana legalized so cancer patients can use it to help ease the nausea when they undergo treatment.  Yarber said his wife used marijuana in while fighting breast cancer and it allowed her to eat instead of getting sick following treatments.

At least six other cities have contacted Cottleville to request a copy of the resolution the Board of Alderman passed about legalizing medical marijuana.

Yarber declined to name the cities.   


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