Illinois student not allowed to board plane at Lambert -

Illinois student not allowed to board plane at Lambert

(KMOV)-- A college student told News 4 he was not allowed to board a plane at Lambert International Airport. He said later he was investigated by the F.B.I.

Federal agents refuse to say why they questioned the man over the weekend. The student said he believes he was a victim of discrimination.

Alfred Komolafe spent months preparing for his trip to New York. He was planning to participate in the Mock United Nations delegation with 15 classmates from the University of Illinois-Springfield, but when he tried to get his boarding pass, he was detained.

Komolafe said he was told that his name was on the No Fly List. His professor confirmed that police and the F.B.I. questioned Komolafe because his name was on the list.

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, is the federal agency responsible for airport security. In a statement, the TSA said "persons known to pose a threat to aviation are not issued a boarding pass and are not allowed to fly," even though it refused to confirm Komolafe was on the list, why he may have been considered a threat, or if he was mistakenly on the list?

We tried to reach American Airlines for comment, leaving the company a detailed e-mail and tried to call a spokesperson, hours later, still no response. Now, Alfred Komolafe sits in his apartment still dumbfounded that he missed out on the biggest opportunity of his academic career.

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