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Ten days, no sign of 46-year-old man


Gary Dillard was last seen at the Circle K convenience store off of Watson Road in Sunset Hills on Friday, March 19th.  Police tell News 4 they have surveillance video of Dillard inside the store around 6:15 that evening.


Tonight, both his loved ones and police are calling his disappearance odd and mysterious.


Dillard lives with his God Sister in Maplewood.  She told News 4 on Monday she last spoke to him the morning of the 19th before he left for work.  Dillard works at the Goodwill store off of Watson Road in Sunset Hills.  His coworkers told police that he worked his regular shift and then walked to the Circle K convenience store.


Police tell News 4 his coworkers call Dillard a devoted employee and are shocked that they have not heard from him in more than a week.


Dillard has a few tickets on his record and does not have a car or cell phone.  Detectives plan to at his financial transactions.


Please contact the Maplewood or Sunset Hills Police if you have any information.      


Erica Byfield




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