The I-170 Slow Down -

The I-170 Slow Down

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

     This is a new one.  Those upset with Charlack's decision to put up a speed camera, now say if the police want them to slow down, then they plan to slow down, really slow down.  A planned protest on April 12 is asking drivers to drive at 45 miles an hour when they hit the Charlack line on 170.  Organizer Julie Stone says the goalis to deny Charlack any violations and fines on the first day the city will issue tickets with the camera.

     It's interesting, since many people opposed to the speed camera contend that daily drivers normally exceed the speed limit as part of the normal flow of traffic.  The state does have a required minimum speed on highways of 40, so going slowers is viewed as being dangerous to other drivers traveling at or near the speed limit. 

     It's not known if the camera will also  enforce the minimum speed.


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