University City High Schools Peace Committee encourages students -

University City High Schools Peace Committee encourages students to stop violence

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
(KMOV) -- Some high school students in University City say violence needs to stop.
After fights broke out on the last day before spring break, some students are saying they believe that violence can be significantly reduced with some better understanding of the long-term consequences.
A group of nine students who call themselves the “Peace Committee” spoke before a group of the student body about how the mistakes they make now could affect the rest of their lives.
They reminded their classmates of some of the high profile incidents around the St. Louis area, like the bus beating in Belleville last year, to try to reach them in a way perhaps adults don't.
These students will be going to college or looking for work after high school, but their peers on the “Peace Committee” want them to understand that if they engage in violence now, those educational and earning opportunities could disappear.
The “Peace Committee” was formed last year and these inspired students say they're going to continue working with administrators and community leaders to try to make their school safe.


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