University City High has a "Peace Committee" -

University City High has a "Peace Committee"

There's a commendable effort underway by nine students at University City High School.  They simply want the violence to stop.  Violence in the halls, violence in their neighborhoods.  Enough already.  I say, "way to go!" 

They really do have a way to go.  I covered an assembly Monday morning the students tried to lead in front of mostly 9th and 12th graders.  They'll go before the 10th and 11th graders later in the week.

Some early technical problems with the microphone and the projector only added to the challenge in front of hundreds of kids who quite frankly didn't seem that interested.  

In their defense, the presentation wasn't very interesting.  Each member of the Peace Committee simply got up and read statistics right off the screen.  Not very compelling.  In order to grab a student body's attention, you need something attention-grabbing.  Seems their advisors could have worked more with them on this presentation.

Predictably, adults had to interrupt the proceedings several times to remind the students in the audience this is serious and they should be listening.  That always works.

While this presentation was not compelling, the underlying message is strong.  Basically the students are trying to say, "you can ruin your chances at going to a good college or landing a good job by acting out violently at school."  It's no laughing matter.  The students on the Peace Committee seem to be very capable of leading by example.  Their challenge is getting the rest of their peers at school to pay attention to them.

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