The momentum of Sam Bradford to the Rams -

The momentum of Sam Bradford to the Rams

When the final gun ended the regular season for the St. Louis Rams in early January I would have bet a good amount of money that Ndamukong Suh would be the number one draft pick overall in the NFL Draft for the Rams.  The team needs some help on the defensive line and Suh looks to be a once in a decade type of defensive tackle  Now here we are just 10 weeks later and I would be completely shocked if the Rams don't pick quarterback Sam Bradford and I believe they would be 100% correct to do this.  How did this happen and why does this all make so much sense?

The two biggest things that have happened in the past 10 weeks is first that Sam Bradford, by all accounts, is back to being healthy.  Bradford is back throwing and if he passes his Pro Day test in Oklahoma on Monday he will be the first quarterback taken in the Draft.  On top of his throwing abilities returning Bradford has received the all clear from Dr. James Andrews who is the highest authority on shoulder injuries in the country.  Having all that going for him will make Bradford the top QB taken.

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