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Ex-Police Chief still can't be a cop

Michael Baxton lost his appeal to get reinstated as a police officer in Illinois. The former Police Chief of East St. Louis and Alorton always said he "is not a convicted felon." However, a News 4 investigation found that he WAS a convicted felon, who apparently got the conviction "vacated" by a judge, according to court records.

The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board decertified Baxton as a police officer on October 14. Baxton appealed. Yesterday, the Board denied the appeal insisting that the evidence showed baxton was a convicted felon, and as a result, should have never become a police officer in Illinois.

Here's a copy of the Board's denial, and other documents related to the case.

UPDATE: This afternoon, a St. Clair County judge refused to issue a temporary restraining order in the case. The TRO could have allowed Baxton to continue working as a cop. Instead, the judge took the case under advisement, although the "court does not find elements for TRO proven today." Despite that, the judge scheduled a hearing for November 20 to give more consideration to the case of Baxton vs Illinois Law Enforcement Training Board and Kevin McClain. McClain is the Board's Executive Director. Here's a copy of the judge's order.

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