Torre: Convenience was a factor on calling game early -

Torre: Convenience was a factor on calling game early

(BaseballStL) -- Major League Baseball officials decided to postpone Game 6 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers due to the possibility of inclement weather nearly five hours before first pitch. 

Joe Torre, MLB executive vice president of baseball operations, admitted that the rain chances decreased from being “high” to “moderate,” but warned both managers, Tony La Russa and Ron Washington, that the game would be postponed if the forecast didn’t change drastically.  

“This town (St. Louis) is one of the toughest as far as trying to figure out the weather,” Torre said.

The game was decided to be postponed early in advance for both fans and players.  Torre also noted that postponing the game on Wednesday was an easy choice because each of the next two days appear to be clear from any rain.

“Because of the forecast, there’s no reason to wait any longer,” Torre said.  “The earlier we can do it, the more people can change plans and do what they need to do including players and managers.”

Game 6 will be played on Thursday and Game 7 (if necessary) will be played on Friday.

by Scott Bierman, BaseballStL
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