Officer injured, suspect shot during south St. Louis County home invasion -

Officer injured, suspect shot during south St. Louis County home invasion

( -- An officer was injured and a suspect was shot after someone called police to report a home invasion in progress at a residence in south St. Louis County.

Police said they received a call for a home invasion in progress around 11:10 a.m. on Tuesday at a home in the 10700 block of Leebur in Sunset Hills, Missouri.

One officer responded to the scene and saw a suspect holding a woman at gunpoint inside the home. The officer entered the home to confront the suspect and they exchanged gun fire. The suspect then ran out the front door of the home where he was caught and arrested.

The arresting officer injured his knee during the incident and had to call for additional aid. His injuries are minor and he is expected to be ok. The suspect received a gunshot wound during the shoot out.

Multiple units from the Sunset Hills police department responded to the scene.

Neighbors saw a second suspect running from the rear of the home. Officers were able to catch and arrest that suspect. Pictures from Sky Zoom 4 show at least 15 cop cars surrounding the residence.

Police believe there may still be a third suspect on the run. Officers are not sure how the two suspects got to the house, so they are not ruling out a third suspect as a driver. Two suspects were apprehended at the scene. The suspect who suffered a gunshot wound is being treated at a local hospital.

Officials said the home owners own a number of businesses in the area and that may have been why they were targeted. The homeowners were not injured during the incident.

Police have initiated an investigation and expect to release more information as it becomes available.


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