La Russa: I trust Albert -

La Russa: I trust Albert

(BaseballStL) -- Twice in Game 5, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Allen Craig was thrown out trying to steal second with Albert Pujols at the plate.  He was thrown out from an apparent hit-and-run call not from manager Tony La Russa, but called by Pujols.

La Russa was unsure whether he crossed Craig up on signals after he was thrown out at second base, but Craig told La Russa that Pujols had put the call on from the plate.

“Albert (Pujols) has the ability on this club for several years to put a hit-and-run on,” La Russa said.  “I don’t care what your sport is, when a player shows that they really have a feel for the game coaches give them a lot well-earned ability to influence what goes on.”

La Russa also said this was not the first time Pujols has put a hit-and-run on, but the slugger often asks the manager about the possibility of putting the play on before the at-bat.

La Russa admitted that he would have told Pujols not to put to play on had he been inquired beforehand. 

“It has nothing to do with Albert having special privileges,” La Russa added.  “Treat the club like a family.  I don’t throw the family under the bus.”

Former Cardinal Edgar Renteria was also pointed out to have the privilege of putting a hit-and-run on when he played for St. Louis and La Russa.

by Scott Bierman, BaseballStL
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