Civil rights icon Shuttlesworth to be buried -

Civil rights icon Shuttlesworth to be buried

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, often eclipsed by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in life, will be laid to rest Monday after a weekend of remembering the way he catalyzed the civil rights movement in Birmingham and launched King into immortality.
Those who knew him best urged others to continue the tireless example he set, working long after victory in the 1963 campaign to liberate the segregated Southern city he called home. Fellow preachers, foot soldiers from the movement and members of his family told a crowd gathered Sunday at the historic 16th Street Baptist Church that for all of his heroic efforts, the fiery minister's work remains undone.
Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African-American to hold the position, told the audience: "Without him, there would be no me."

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