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Pujols Vaults into All-Time Elite

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- I have been very blessed in life to have seen live most of the greatest moments in St. Louis sports over the past two decades.  I have seen World Series won.  I have seen Super Bowls won.  I have seen big games with big nights.  Mark McGwire, Kurt Warner, Brett Hull, Isaac Bruce, Ozzie Smith, Marshall Faulk.  I have seen the greatest that have ever put on the St. Louis uniform.  All have had moments that are some of the greatest moments in not only St. Louis sports history, but sports history.  Until last night if someone would have asked me what was the greatest performance I have ever witnessed live I would have had a problem picking just one.  That was until last night.

Albert Pujols put on the greatest offensive display in World Series history. Period. To go 5 for 5 in the World Series is one thing.  Doing that and hitting three home runs on top is quite another.  Pujols was simply untouchable.  If they were throwing marbles up there last night, he would have hit it out of the park.  I never questioned that Pujols is the best player in the major leagues and has been for most of the past decade, but now I think that we might be watching the greatest hitter to ever play the game not named Babe Ruth.

It was almost laughable in the press box after Pujols hit his third home run when they started announcing all of the records that Pujols had just tied or set.  Third player to ever hit three home runs in a game.  Most total bases in a World Series game.  The list just went on and on.  Pujols had just had a night that will be remembered not only for the 2011 World Series but one that will be talked about forever.

In October 1977 I was exactly One Year Old.  I can tell you though all about what Reggie Jackson did that evening.  His three home runs on three pitches that evening vaulting the Yankees to the World Series.  I can tell you that because it is something all baseball fans know.  I could also tell you that Babe Ruth was the only other player to ever do that.  You remember those things because they are so rare and special.  Now Pujols has one of those nights.  They will be talking about Pujols’ night 40 years from now.  That is the stratosphere that Pujols put himself in on Saturday evening.

What is funny is that the Pujols night even overshadowed that the Cardinals have taken a 2-1 lead in the World Series.  They have guaranteed no worse than heading back to St. Louis for a Game 6.  They have taken charge of the Series and they had a great offensive night.  But Pujols has made this 2011 Series special.

Tonight will bring more drama for everyone in St. Louis and Dallas, but no one will forget last night.  It will be a touchstone for generations to come and that is a reason why last night will always be remembered for me as the greatest single athletic performance I have ever witnessed.

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