City parking lot restrictions take effect Oct. 31 -

City parking lot restrictions take effect Oct. 31

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – St. Louis City has given parking lots additional time to comply with new rules - designed to cut down on crime.

In September, the city announced new requirements for parking lots to keep attendants on duty.
Tuesday, city officials said it is giving parking lots until October 31st to comply with the new rules.

By October 31st, if there is an event downtown like a Cardinals game, the attendant cannot just take your money and then leave when the lot is full. The attendants will have to stay for the length of the event.

Police will be asked to coach the attendants on signs of suspicious activity.

When the lots are closed, they have to be secured with either a locked fence or a chain at the entrances.

The building division will give waivers to parking lots that “demonstrate they are safe and secure.” 
So far, the city says it has granted two waivers to St Louis University and the downtown YMCA. 

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