Motorcycle group demands repairs for Hwy 94 -

Motorcycle group demands repairs for Hwy 94

( -- Freedom of Road Riders demand MoDOT repair a stretch of Highway 94 in St. Charles County, after a second motorcycle wreck due to a pot hole.

Jean Pressley fell victim to a motorcycle wreck over the weekend on Highway 94. To her surprise, she discovered another patient on the same floor of the hospital, who crashed due to the same pot hole on October 9th.

The Freedom of Road Riders are speaking up about the hazardous condition of Highway 94 and want MoDOT to take action.

The group posted pictures of Pressley's wreck on Facebook, they say will encourage a reaction. MoDOT says they will take a look at the pothole and make repairs as needed. Pressley says she hopes the repairs will be made by the weekend.





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