Marijuana ads to start running in Illinois -

Marijuana ads to start running in Illinois

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

(KMOV) -- What was once a taboo topic is about to become more mainstream.

This spring, Comcast Cable Networks will begin running ads for marijuana in states where medical marijuana is legal including in Illinois and New York.

The 60-second ads will be a promo for where you can find physicians willing to review your medical records to see if you qualify for medical marijuana.

While state laws do not allow clinics to operate for the sole purpose of writing marijuana recommendations, some doctors think the ads are necessary. 

The ads will be good for those with qualifying medical conditions who need recommendations on choosing a doctor.  

"Patients that are coming to this practice are ones that have qualifying conditions,” Dr. Bodo Schneider, a doctor who writes medical marijuana prescriptions, explains. “Once [marijuana ads] becomes legal to do so in Illinois, then they'll be able to get a recommendation,"

State officials will make sure the law is not being violated. 

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