Safe full of weapons, valuables stolen from Madison County home -

Safe full of weapons, valuables stolen from Madison County home

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – A pair of crooks was reportedly caught on camera making off with a gun safe full of weapons and silver from a Madison County home.

Deputies are watching surveillance video from the victim’s home to find any key clues to lead them to the suspects before the guns end up in the wrong hands.

At approximately 9 a.m. two men were seen loading a gun safe into a blue 4-door Ford Focus and taking off. The safe was seen on camera sticking out of the backseat.

“Such a rush they couldn't close the door or the safe was so big in the back seat they couldn't get the door closed,” said Sheriff Bob Hertz with Madison County Sheriff’s Office. “Pretty brazen act and we want to catch these people and prosecute them.”

The thieves sped eastbound on Lebanon Road in Collinsville and disappeared without a trace.

Luckily a business near the victim’s home had a well-placed camera that captured it all.

Investigators say the safe weighs at least 300 pounds and stands more than four feet tall with several rifles, silver bars, money and important documents inside.

The victim told News 4’s Julian Johnson, “I'm just so worried about them guns because they get in the wrong hands, that's just bad frickin news all the way around.”

He did not want to be identified but the victim said, “Nobody but a handful of people know what I have because I keep that to myself you know my guns are my guns.” He fears the people responsible for the theft are known to him.

The victim said the money was meant to go toward a new house. No he will have to start over.

But deputies are urging people with information to call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. 

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