State senator from Affton proposes DNA samples for felony arrest -

State senator from Affton proposes DNA samples for felony arrests

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) – A Missouri state senator from Affton has filed a bill that would require DNA testing of people arrested for a felony.

Under Senate Bill 879 proposed by Sen. Scott Sifton, D-Affton, anyone 17 years or older arrested for a felony offense would have to provide a DNA sample upon booking into a county jail or detention facility.

All registered sex offenders and those deemed by authorities to be a sexually violent predator would also be required to provide a sample.

The proposal states anyone whose felony charge is overturned or reversed may request to have the DNA sample destroyed. After receiving a written court order, the Missouri State Highway Patrol would then have 30 days to tell the person their DNA sample and profile has been expunged.

Missouri is one of 27 states that already requires DNA collection for certain felony offenses, such as murder and rape.  Sifton believes expanding DNA collection to all felonies would help catch more criminals.

Click here to read the complete bill

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