Caught on tape: Snow plow buries truck on purpose -

Caught on tape: Snow plow buries truck on purpose

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. - Some plow drivers were clearing a Southborough, Mass. parking lot when officials say they buried a state-owned truck under a mound of snow on purpose. WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports that the whole stunt was caught on camera.

The video shows the snow plow heading right for the target - a state transportation truck left here all day and night.

That plow is out of the Southborough Public Works’ yard. It was clearing the town’s police and fire lot on February 5. The big storm dumped 11 inches on Southboro.

The plow driver may have forgotten about the surveillance cameras. The view shows how other cars moved to make room for plows, which is standard procedure. But the DOT truck is still left in the middle.

Each time the DPW sweeps through, the crew goes right for it - deeper and deeper. In the end, it’s a mini-mountain.

The worker who uses this vehicle lives in Southborough, but according to state DOT policy, employees are not supposed to take these home when they’re not using them. They’re supposed to leave them in municipal lots.

According to the police report, when he finally dug it out the next day, “he observed a large section of the left rear quarter panel was dented.”

No charges were filed and no one is addressing it publicly. Southborough’s town mananger Mark Purple sent WBZ a statement saying: “The fact that the vehicle was completely covered to the extent that you could not tell there was a vehicle under the snow exhibits that the behavior was intentional.”

He also told WBZ the employees who did this have apologized, and have been disciplined. It’s safe to assume they’ll remember the surveillance cameras next time.


Snow plow buries truck

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