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2 Accused of impersonating city workers to rob St. Louis residents

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) – City officials issued a warning after residents reported a group of men impersonating city workers saying they need to check your pipes, and then pull a gun.

Neighbors around here say they often have strangers coming to the door. That’s why News 4 wanted you to know so you can keep your family safe.

“It’s atrocious that someone would pose as a city worker, a city worker is there to protect you or serve you and that’s it,” said Maggie Crane with the City of St. Louis.

Police say Peter White and another man dressed in orange vest and said they were with the city, telling a resident in the 700 block of Utah they needed to check their pipes to see if they were frozen.

But once inside, police say white put a gun to the resident’s head and took what he wanted.

It’s far from the first time a doorbell or knock has brought big trouble. Last week, a homeowner was shot after a scuffle with someone at the door.

In December, police say a woman on Pernod was robbed of precious jewelry by people pretending to be city workers.

Crane said city workers will rarely come to your door. But if so, they’ll clearly be wearing badges with their name and picture. If you are in doubt, just give them a call.

“If you’ve got that gut feeling that something isn’t right, stop and look and ask,” Crane said.

White is now charged with multiple counts. His accomplice has not yet been charged.  

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