Closing St. Charles banquet center leaves couples scrambling -

Closing St. Charles banquet center leaves couples scrambling

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( — A St. Charles banquet center named Spirited Heart recently went out of business, leaving about half a dozen couples have to find a new place for a wedding reception.

One man who’d booked the banquet hall with his fiancee says the owner told him she’d pay him back but he says timing is causing a problem. 

He says he paid about $3,300 for his wedding reception and while he found another place, he’s having to put all the costs on his credit card.

The banquet business owner, Kimberly Saguto wouldn’t go on camera but told News 4 on the phone she will pay her customers back and is trying to find other locations for their wedding receptions.

Meanwhile, Mark Widmann, owner of The Bluffs on Broadway and Randall Gallery is reaching out to the couples who are trying to book another place.

Having been in the banquet business for 35 years, Widmann says if they’re flexible it will be a lot easier to find a new location.

“If it’s only the third Saturday in May from 6:00 to 10:00 they’re not going to have nearly as many options,” he said. “As if they say I’m going to be flexible, take any Saturday in May or June, I think they’re back in the driver’s seat and they’re gonna have some options.”

The owner of Spirited Heart Banquet Center said she’d been catering for 12 years, and ran the banquet center for three.

She says she and her husband put everything they had into it.

She says her “moral compass” is such that she will pay the customers back but no word on when.


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