New smartphone app makes hailing a cab easier in St. Louis -

New smartphone app makes hailing a cab easier in St. Louis

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By Chris Hondros By Chris Hondros

(KMOV) – A new taxi cab service coming to St. Louis will make healing a cab easier. But it is also causing many to voice their concerns over safety.

Carmel Car and Limousine is a New York based company which utilizes a smart phone app to make it easier to hail a cab.

Carmel sends a message directly to the driver instead of to a taxi dispatch like other taxi hailing smartphone apps.

But Jamie Dolby, operations manager for the Harris Cab Co., is voicing his concerns.

“A lot of these companies, what happens, they get in legally but they don’t play by the rules once they get in," he said. "They start getting private drivers who have regular car insurance and they contract with them ultimately.”

Ronald Klein, the director of the Metro Taxi Commission, says Carmel has “agreed to use our license vetted drivers for their operation and if they don’t they have to suffer the consequences of our enforcement”.

Klein says existing local companies don’t have to do business with Carmel and the company will benefit taxi users.

According to Klein, the new service will allow users to see who the driver picking them up will be, how long they will be and the MTC taxi number. 

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