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Local VFW posts claim to be latest target of IRS auditors

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – Some local VFW posts are claiming local veteran groups are being targeted by the IRS.

Auditors have been going through records with a fine tooth comb but won’t say why.

The IRS auditor who was at a local VFW post in February was expected back on Tuesday with a demand for more records but postponed that visit until next month.

VFW Post 2661 said they’re just one of several VFW and American Legion Posts in the St. Louis area that are being audited by the IRS.

Kurt Gansmann is the commander of VFW Post 2662, the focus of an IRS audit.

"She didn’t say, she just said she needed to see something that showed every member was eligible,” said Gansmann.

Gansmann said an auditor spent four days going through their files wanting proof members were eligible. But, he said the auditor didn’t want to see members’ discharge papers, called DD-214. A reliable record of years served and where issued by the government.

News 4’ Russell Kinsaul attempted to contact a representative at the St. Louis IRS office but they did not return his call.

The VFW said the auditor found a small problem with their records but it was corrected. VFW posts sell food and alcohol to members and host bingo games.

Is the IRS spouses and children are spending too much time and getting too many benefits at the non-profit veteran’s halls? They are not saying.

“What are they looking for? What does the IRS want? We don’t make no money, nothing that comes here stays here, it goes to maintenance on the building or to veterans in need,” said Gansmann.

The IRS released a statement saying audits are covered by privacy laws so they can’t comment.

Veterans in St. Louis worry the IRS is trying to intimidate them to get them to stop fighting for the needs of other veterans, something they vow never to do.


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