Rosenthal cuts bullpen short, cites pain in upper leg -

Rosenthal cuts bullpen short, cites pain in upper leg

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

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(BaseballStL) — Cardinals closer Trevor Rosenthal stopped his live bullpen session to hitters today in Jupiter, Florida when he said he felt something he'd never felt before in his upper right leg slightly below the groin area.

"Just a little discomfort in the leg when I was throwing," Rosenthal said. "It was nothing serious.  But being this early I thought I'd just say something and take care of it now.

"If it was during the (regular) season I feel like it'd probably be nothing worth stopping throwing in the situation now (in spring training) I thought I'd say something now," Rosenthal said.

The Cards closer said he didn't have too many pitches left in his session anyway so he doesn't believe he fell behind the workload that was set out for him.

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