Autopsy: Local toddler died from morphine overdose; meth, other -

Autopsy: Local toddler died from morphine overdose; meth, other drugs in system

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) -- News 4 has obtained shocking and appalling details found in the medical examiner’s report of a 22-month-old boy from Jefferson County who died last fall.

And some people say if authorities hadn’t failed, the little boy would still be alive.

Judy Stadler helped care for Carson since the day he was born.

But last summer, she said she caught Carson’s mom stealing heavy-duty meds from a locked box.

“She was taking anything she could get her hands on, codeine, morphine,” Stadler said.

Stadler kicked her out and never saw Carson again.

“He’s not coming back and there’s nothing I can do except what I am doing now,” Stadler said.

Stadler is unsurprised by what News 4 discovered in the medical examiner’s report. Carson died of morphine intoxication. Also in his system were meth, opiates and other drugs.

In the medical examiner’s report, his mother admitted to getting high before breast feeding the toddler, even telling investigators she gave him drugs to get him to sleep.

“How many times do you think the state was called because of Carson’s safety?” asked News 4’s Lauren Trager.

“At least 10,” said Sheryl Stadler-Sullivan, another former caretaker of Carson.

A letter, showing the Missouri Department of Social Services’ most recent investigation on Carson’s mother, said they found nothing.

But two months later, Carson was dead.

“That makes me really mad. They are supposed to be protecting, isn’t that what their job is?” asked Stadler-Sullivan.

News 4 requested more information from the state, but so far have not gotten it.

No charges have been filed yet. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies tell News 4 they are still investigating.

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