Lawmaker from Kirkwood hopes to save taxpayers through new menta -

Lawmaker from Kirkwood hopes to save taxpayers through new mental hospital

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

(KMOV) – A Missouri House budget chairman from Kirkwood on Monday is set to reveal a new plan he hopes will save taxpayers millions.

Missouri Rep. Rick Stream (District 104) is expected to announce plans to help pay for a new mental hospital in Missouri.

Stream is hoping  the new hospital will replace the Fulton State Hospital, which opened more than 160 years ago. The hospital houses mental health patients who are considered criminally insane.

According to the Missouri Office of Administration, the state spends $4.3 million a year in workers’ compensation costs. One in three employees at the facility have filed a workers’ compensation claim in the last year. Excluding the hospital, one in 23 employees file claims on average in Missouri.

"There are a lot of injuries for both patients and the workers, simply because there’s fights and therefore there’s a lot of workman’s comp. there’s a lot of overtime, because nobody wants to work there. The pay is not good," said Stream.

The Missouri legislature has already approved $13 million for planning and design of the project.  

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