Valley Park School District: We need more revenue or tough cuts -

Valley Park School District: We need more revenue or tough cuts will be made

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- School district administrators say if an upcoming ballot issue does not pass, hundreds of students would have no choice but to walk up to four miles to and from school and lose teachers.

Proposition R will be on the ballot on April 8 and administrators with the Valley Park School District said if it fails then budget cuts could affect everything from losing teachers to losing all transportation services.

Valley Park School Board President Pete Coates said he is concerned because a year ago, voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot issue which forced the district to eliminate after school programs, freeze teacher salaries and consolidated bus routes.

“If you don’t cut transportation, you cut nine teachers,” Coates said, “Where do you take nine teachers out? How do I tell a principal, you got to yank nine teachers out of your elementary?”

Unlike the previous bond issue, Prop R calls for a no-tax increase, but the loan would extend from 10 to 20 years.

Valley Park’s enrollment is 1,000 students and covers about four square miles.

“There are two huge hills to get to my sidewalks and no sidewalks. No sidewalks at all,” said parent Tricia Cwiklowski, “So I don’t really feel comfortable at all. [My daughter would] be at the edge of the road, even as an eighth grader.”

Prop R will require 57 percent approval to pass. 

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