Cards eyeing use of newfound speed in 2014 -

Cards eyeing use of newfound speed in 2014

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

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(BaseballStL) — To say the Cardinals were a station-to-station team last year is an understatement. They rarely hit for power, and they rarely stole any bases. 

To score, it took single after single after single.

It remains unclear if they'll hit for more power in 2014. The absence of David Freese and Carlos Beltran will hurt in that aspect.  But the Cardinals are trying awfully hard to steal more this season.

Newly acquired Peter Bourjos said during the Winter Warm-Up he wants to steal 40 bases and, today, Kolten Wong told me he wants to steal "10-15" more than the 20 he had last year in AAA-Memphis.

"Speed plays a big factor in the game nowadays," Wong said. "With the addition of Peter (Bourjos) and hopefully myself it'll give the Cardinals a different look and give us a chance to steal bases. It allows us to score more runs by using our feet." 

But just because the Cardinals have a few guys who have the ability to run doesn't mean they're going back to the days of Whitey ball in the 1980s.

"We have the potential for some guys to steal bases but that doesn't mean we're going to run rampant," manager Mike Matheny said. "We'll watch and see how guys progress through the spring. We're not going to try and force the issue. We haven't in the past and I don't assume we ever will."

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