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Employees say local contractor faked death to avoid payment

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) --- His employees say he faked his own death to avoid paying them; even the police had a hard time finding him. But News 4 Investigative Reporter Chris Nagus tracked down the elusive contractor known as V.

 Hisf employees say Venancia Villarreal, who they say everyone calls “V”, hired them to paint houses but according to Amy Hull, “V” went to great lengths to avoid paying his workers.

She says “V” owes her about $2,000.

Hull demanded her money through text messages, but got responses from “V” saying he was headed to dialysis or was throwing up blood and felt weak.

One of his other former workers, Gary Miller, says it got even worse than that.

“When I did get a text, he was acting like his wife stating that he had passed away. I was texting back and forth I knew it was him. I was seeing how far he would take it,” said Miller.

But when News 4’s Chris Nagus finally got “V” on the phone, he admitted he was alive and well.

But “V” would not give News 4 a straight answer about the felony charges he is facing in St. Francis County for passing bad checks.

He claimed the case was being thrown out, but News 4 checked and he is still set for arraignment on March 6.

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