Matheny facing nearly unprecedented rotation competition -

Matheny facing nearly unprecedented rotation competition

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

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(BaseballStL) — In all his years with the St. Louis Cardinals Mike Matheny isn't quite sure he's ever seen this before. Too many starters good enough to be in the rotation but not enough spots to accommodate all of them.

It's a problem he welcomes for sure.

"No doubt we do have some talent," Matheny said. "We have eight guys who are capable of starting right now.  That's a great situation for us to be in.  I don't remember teams in the past having that."

Adam Wainwright is a given.  Michael Wacha and Shelby Miller are about as sure things as you'll get out of players in their early 20s. Jaime Garcia should be in, health permitting.  After that?  Lance Lynn may be the odds on favorite given his experience.  But Joe Kelly, Carlos Martinez and even Tyler Lyons have very good - albeit short - track records in St. Louis.

The skipper even allows for the possibility of someone else emerging out of nowhere and changing the dynamic of spring training.

"Every year you have guys who show up and make competition when you didn't think there was going to be some just based on how they played," Matheny said.

This Grapefruit League schedule is going to be crazy enough with all of this competition.  I'm not sure Matheny and company can handle anyone else complicating matters.

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