Family questions police after local man hospitalized for head in -

Family questions police after local man hospitalized for head injuries

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) – A local family said they are searching for answers after a man was arrested then hospitalized for injuries to his face, head.

Renell Jones-Harris was charged with resisting arrest and unlawful use of a weapon.

Kachelle Jones said she answered a call from her son’s cell phone last Tuesday evening and other the other end was a police officer asking her to identify her son.

“He didn’t tell me that my son was unconscious and that they were going to bring him to Barnes so it took me like 12 hours to find him,” said Jones

At Barnes, Jones said they were told that Jones-Harris fell while trying to climb a fence to get away from officers.

“There’s no way you would have to fall from Mt. Everest then get up and fall again and again to have injuries on both sides of your face, your eyes, your lips and a nice bruise that’s very wide and red and swollen on the side of your head,” said Jones.

In a probable cause statement filed in court, police wrote that officers were investigating a “shots fired” call on West Florissant Avenue and that Jones-Harris seemed to notice the patrol cars and tried to take off.

Police say that Jones-Harris had a weapon and was “aggressively swinging his body around” to free himself.

The statement also takes note that the 21-year-old is on probation for a previous burglary and theft of a firearm conviction.

“Do it in court, not take him to jail or whatever it may be but you can’t just treat people that way,” said Jones.

The statement read that a vehicle within the vicinity had been recently shot up and shell casing found near the vehicle appeared to come from the defendant’s weapon.

St. Louis Police say that because the case is already in the hands of the prosecutor, they’re not going to comment on it.

Further details into this investigation were not immediately known.

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