St. Charles gears up for pothole repair with temps increasing -

St. Charles gears up for pothole repair with temps increasing

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( — With what seems to be a never ending winter, residents should get used to seeing crews all around the St. Louis area patching potholes. 

Following the deep freeze the first week of January, potholes started popping up.

Now, after another round of freezing temperatures, the roads are again paying the price. 

Andy Wurm, who owns a tire and wheel shop, says  four or five times a day a motorist is coming in with damage from a pothole.

“Cracked, tires are blown out, front ends of cars are all mangled,” he said. “Pretty bad right now.”

And repairs can run into the thousands of dollars.

“A wheel can run anywhere from $200-…$500. We’ve got one with a bent front end. That’s going to cost him a few grand,” he added. 

The freezing and thawing cycle is playing havoc with the roadways.

“The water actually gets under the pavement then as it freezes the water expands underneath and pushes the pavement out,” said St. Charles Streets Superintendent Daryl Hampel. 

Hampel has crews out in St. Charles repairing potholes that pop up.

He says the city is in decent shape overall because so much of the pavement is more recent compared to some other parts of the St. Louis area.

St. Charles has a pothole hotline where residents can report potholes to the city. 

MoDOT has hotline as well at 888-ask-modot.


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