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Power outage leaves Metro-East residents in the cold, dark for a week

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) – As if the winter wasn’t hard enough for many, residents in one East St. Louis apartment building went a week without power and the problem may be the government.

Residents at the Landsdown Towers were livid at the East St. Louis Housing Authority after going a full week without electricity which was restored on Monday.

"I’m not sure other than being told by the housing authority officials that they were waiting for a part coming in from Minnesota,” said East St. Louis Mayor, Alvin Parks.

Mayor Parks is at a loss because the city doesn’t control the housing authority. The federal government has been running the show since 1985.

Other than the lack of electricity for a week, one woman has been waiting nearly a year for her toilet to be fixed.

Recently, East St. Louis took the federal government to court to regain control of the housing authority but Washington doesn’t think East St. Louis would do a good job. They want to give control over to St. Clair County.

"We get frustrated matt with the fact there appears to be a takeover of the city of East St. Louis,” Mayor Parks said to News 4’s Matt Sczesny.

Some 6,000 residents stand affected by this decision and who ends up with the control is something that has yet to be determined.

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