Cardinals preparing for no-collision rule at home plate -

Cardinals preparing for no-collision rule at home plate

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(BaseballStL) -- It's not final yet.  But Major League Baseball is expected to pass a rule that bans home plate collisions.  That means when a runner is rounding third base and coming home, he has to slide into home plate instead of lowering his shoulder and knocking over the catcher.

But since it's not final yet teams aren't sure what to do as far as prepare.  The Cardinals are not one of those teams.  They are working in drills as if the rule will pass soon.

"We already have," Matheny said. "We need to have our catchers understand where we believe this is heading and try to have them prepared for that."

To Matheny this is a done deal. 

"We're moving forward like it's a must slide, must tag play," Matheny said. "We have to completely revamp the mechanics for where we set up to where and how we go about placing a tag.  Our catchers have been extremely open to it." 

The Cardinals will work with the position players too once they're fully integrated into camp.  They didn't have to report until today so the first full squad practice will happen tomorrow. 

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