North St. Louis County police officer mistakenly tickets drivers -

North St. Louis County police officer mistakenly tickets drivers outside city limits

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) – A north St. Louis County police department issued tickets to speeders outside their own city limits.

News 4 spoke with Flordell Hills Prosecuting Attorney who said there are not going after drivers caught up in this whole thing and because of this incident, he said they’ve even stopped doing speed surveillance in that area.

At the corner of West Florissant Avenue and Jennings Station Road, speeders are a common sight but one Flordell Hills officer went beyond his border.

“They were directed toward vehicles not within the limits of Flordell Hills,” said Robert McCulloch, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney.

Instead of policing his own traffic, the officer was pointing his laser camera at speeders in Jennings.

McCulloch wrote a letter to the Flordell Hills city leaders letting them know the action was illegal.

When asked what kind of problems this incident was causing, McCulloch said, “They have no authority for it.”

Flordell Hills officials say their officer made a mistake with some new speed tracking technology.

“He found out his camera was picking up cars that were in Jennings at the time the camera hit them but were moving into Flordell Hills and so there was some confusion about that,” said Jeffrey Duke.

Duke said six drivers were wrongly ticketed but steps have already been taken to expunge those citations.

“They were all tagged as these were people who were in Jennings when we issued these safety notice violations so we didn’t prosecute any of them we just dismissed them.”

But Duke admits there could be more false tickets to come, he urges anyone else who feels their citation could be in error to contact Flordell City Hall.

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