Family of abducted girl found in Crestwood said police could hav -

Family of abducted girl found in Crestwood said police could have acted sooner

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) -- News 4 tracked down the family of an abducted girl found at a Crestwood, Missouri gas station Tuesday.

Family members of the girl who just turned 13 on Sunday say the 34-year-old suspect drove from California and took the girl two weeks ago.

He eventually brought her back and allegedly assaulted her parents. But family members say Michigan police did nothing.

“Do you think all of this could have been prevented if police had acted sooner?” asked News 4’s Lauren Trager. “Oh yes, most definitely, most definitely,” said Aimee Baker, the older sister of the victim. 

Instead, police say, 13-year-old Rachel Baker was abducted from her Hamilton Michigan home Monday night by Joseph Arpin.  

Aimee Baker says they had met on the internet. “She’s a child; this guy is a very sick, perverted man.”

The family was worried sick until Tuesday afternoon. Michigan authorities alerted Crestwood police of a huge lead involving Arpin’s phone.

“They told us it pinged off a tower here on South Sappington Road,” said Chief Michael Paillou.

Crestwood police followed the signal to within block of his easily-spotted Mustang.

Technology is a hugely helpful tool for law enforcement.

“How helpful can you be, it doesn’t get any better than that?” Chief Paillou said.

But family of the girl says technology can also be a curse when it comes to kids.

“Get on there and find out what they are doing, don’t just believe what they are telling you because you could be sitting in the same situation my mother and father are,” Baker said.

Baker will soon be reunited with her family. Arpin will be sent back to Michigan to face charges.

The Allegan County Sheriff’s Department did not return our requests for comment. 

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