Cards expect tough series versus Red Sox in World Series -

Cards expect tough series versus Red Sox in World Series

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(BaseballStL) -- The two teams with the best records in Major League Baseball are not in the World Series by accident.  The Cardinals and Red Sox have been the best teams all year and they will square off starting Wednesday at Fenway Park.

But that statement isn't as obvious as it might seem.  At 97-65, both Boston and St. Louis finished the regular season with the best record in their respective leagues.  This is actually just the fourth time since 1995 - when the Wild Card was introduced - that this has happened.  The last being in 1999 with the Braves and Yankees.

Combine that rarity and the fact they have two of the greatest traditions in all of baseball and you get some very excited players.

"The fact you have Boston and St. Louis (in the World Series) is insane," David Freese said.  "I've never been to Boston.  I've never been to Fenway but I understand what this place is all about."

"You're going to get the two best records in the league this year," Matt Holliday said.  "Two balanced teams, teams that can do a lot of different things like field, play good defense , hit with runners in scoring position and have good starting pitching so it should be a very even matchup.  It should be a fun series."

"Watching how (the Cardinals) played all year and how Boston played all year, they've played great," Trevor Rosenthal said.  "They have a special team all around and same on our side.  You've seen what we've been able to do with different pieces and how they come together and everything seems to be falling into place right now."

The Cardinals will certainly have some history to overcome if they're going to win their 12th World Series title.  The team with home field advantage - in this case Boston - has been victorious in 22 of the last 27 World Series beginning in 1985.  The only exceptions were 1992 (Toronto over Atlanta), 1999 (New York over Atlanta), 2003 (Florida over New York) and 2008 (Philadelphia over Tampa Bay).

Oh ya.  There's one more on that list.

2006.  St. Louis over Detroit.


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