Illinois senator works to reduce concussion cases in student ath -

Illinois senator works to reduce concussion cases in student athletes

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 (KMOV) – Illinois officials are pushing to get a handle on concussion cases among high school athletes.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin's newest proposal called Protecting Student Athletes from Concussions Act has a divide among parents.Gary Crone said “It’s a good act based on the fact it’s trying to educate people.”

“There’s too much legislation they’re trying to legislate out the game I believe,” said parent, Jim Radden.

On Monday, Senator Durbin explained the legislation would set certain state requirements across the nation in educating and addressing head injuries. It would also direct states to develop safety guidelines for public schools.

“Some students stay in the game and quote tough it out even though they’ve suffered a concussion they don’t even know many of them the signs and symptoms of a concussion,” said Senator Durbin.

But included in the act, the “When in Doubt, Sit it Out” policy; a clause mandating kids suspected of suffering a concussion to have to sit out.

“There’s already plenty of literature out there that coaches have distributed on it they talk about it at parents meetings I don’t think you need the government to come in and say we need more,” said Radden.

Crone said, “Sometimes they need somebody to say hey, put the brakes on to make sure you’re safe.”

The bill has already received support from the NFL, NBA, NHL and the NCAA. No word on when the act could come to a vote. 

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