Chris Long apologizes to fans for outburst -

Chris Long apologizes to fans for outburst

(FootballStL) – Rams defensive end Chris Long has a message for football fans after getting an early exit from Sunday's game in Carolina.

Long was flagged and got the boot Sunday after allegedly throwing a punch during a scrum in the third quarter.

After he was thrown out of the game, Carolina fans yelled, jeered and threw at the big 91 as he worked his way to the locker room.

Long took to Twitter (@JOEL9ONE) to address fans for both teams.

“Apologies 2 fans 4 losing my cool. Hard 2 watch from the locker room. Will always defend a tmmate + play w emotion but I need 2 reel it in.”

“Thanks Carolina fans 4 the flipped birds+few bottles to the head. Sticks n stones may break my bones but aluminum zimas will never hurt me.”

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