Video: Kelly vs. Van Slyke standoff starts Game 6 -

Video: Kelly vs. Van Slyke standoff starts Game 6

(BaseballStL) – It was one of the oddest starts to an NLCS game.

As the National Anthem ended, players from both teams turned from the field and returned to their respective dugouts … everyone that is except Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly and the Dodgers’ Scott Van Slyke.

Both men held their position, standing at attention with their caps over their hearts.

And they stood.

And they stood.

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For more than ten minutes the two held the pose in what may have been the first post-season standoff or stare down or something.

As the minutes ticked, the crowd started getting into it, cheering the pair on. TBS live coverage of the incident included a split screen showing each player.

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Everyone was into it, the crowd, the benches and even the umpire. Before it could cross the line into being a problem, home plate umpire Greg Gibson removed his mask, stepped in front of home plate and parted his arms as if to wave both players of the field and back to their benches.

The crowd roared with delight as the game got underway.

What was it all about? We will have to wait until after the game to find out. And maybe that was the point. At the end of the day it is just a game played by men who sometimes act like boys. And that makes it fun.

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