Metro-East district unaware 5-year-old student walked out of sch -

Metro-East district unaware 5-year-old student walked out of school

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( – Parents of a 5-year-old boy are upset with an Alton school after the administration was not aware the boy left the building and attempted to walk home.

Jamee McElroy told News 4 her son Darryl, who attends East Elementary School, got sick at school and wanted to go home. McElroy said Darryl’s teacher sent him to nurse.

“The substitute principal kept saying to me that Darryl never made it to the nurse, well then the next thing I find out the nurse wasn't even there. The door was locked she was at a totally different school,” McElroy said.

Darryl then returned to the classroom, where he told his teacher the nurse said he could go home.

“She told him to go upstairs to the office, well he never did he got his stuff, left the school and started walking home,” McElroy said.

While Darryl was walking home he got scared when he spotted a dog and hid behind a car. At that point, a friend of the McElroy family noticed Darryl and took him back to his parents.

News 4 spoke to the Alton Police Department who said they do not step in situations such as this one unless the school district asks them to.

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